Here we go with the first two workshops I have chosen to attend.

P1150007First one was about Slow Food which is also the Youth Food Movement : food can harm our health and we must also consider the consequences in many fields : environment, politics, social, cultural, ethical. What about our habits ? and then we also have to deal with the depletion of the soils, pollution of the water, pollution of the air, disappearance of family rural exploitations, and finally the global warming.

Allons nous encore pouvoir manger ? Comment allons nous choisir de nous nourrir ? Fast food versus Slow Food





Second workshop : writing an activist blog. How to effectively reach your audience with your green message ? about thirty activists are attending, mostly young people, which demonstrates that blogging, Tweetering, Facebooking are the new tools for a successful message in politics. Now the question is how to make it effective. Liesbeth Tettero was there to help us along that arduous way. She told us how to accelerate our brains so that we could fascinate your brains : persuasion, motivation, activation of the brain were no mystery to her thanks to analogy, anaphora, hypophora, hyperbole, praeteritio .......P1150008

Premier exercice : proposer trois titres pour le meme article de blog, l"affaire Staruss Kahn et son retour en heros national me restant quand meme en travers j"ai propose :  Raping is killing; Rape : a Patriarchal Symbol; Rape : Just an episode ...... il me reste a ecrire l"article quand je rentrerai en France. Deuxieme exercice ? ecrire un article et voila, mon exercice est fait, grace a vous !